June 5, 2023

Working with Sofitel London Heathrow

Working with Sofitel London Heathrow

Hello everyone,

This week we interviewed Anda Caraiman, Talent and Culture Manager at the award-winning airport hotel Sofitel London Heathrow. The hotel is a part of the wider Arora Group - which is involved in hotel operations, hotel management, property construction, and property portfolio asset management.

The Sofitel London Heathrow have been referring several of their staff to study our ESOL Speaking and Listening Award to help improve their English language skills.

We hope you enjoy the interview...

Hello Anda, could you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Anda and I am the Talent and Culture Manager at Sofitel London Heathrow. I am responsible for all Talent and Culture related functions, from recruitment to on-boarding, training, employee relations and engagement, as well as ensuring all the company related policies and procedures are followed.

I also focus on the identification of issues and the implementation of initiatives to support: performance management, succession planning, internal talent identification, promotion and position/location moves, employee engagement, retention, and personnel reporting.


Could you tell us why you have enrolled so many students on the Dagile ESOL Award?

Working in a fast paced environment, it is important that the team members have a good command of English to support them both personally and professionally.

We jumped at the opportunity to enrol the team on the ESOL course to provide them with the right tools and give them a better understanding, allowing them to do their job better. Building confidence and putting the team at ease are part of our objectives and I think that by undertaking this course, the team benefited a lot.


What made you choose Dagile as a training provider?

Having previously worked with the College as a group, the choice was easy for us to  make.


Why do you think it is important to encourage your staff to improve their English skills?

To  make them feel more at ease and to support them at work and in their personal  lives as well.


What improvements have you seen in the language skills of your staff since they attended the ESOL course?

The team found it easier to communicate and are more confident in their roles and in their day-to day lives.


How is your company benefiting from these new English skills?

We  have improved productivity and happier employees.


Do you have any final thoughts?

It is a good programme, although it can be difficult for those who speak no English and find it challenging to understand a word in English. Other than that, the commitment from the course providers is excellent and the team enjoyed the course.


Thank you so much for your time Anda. We are grateful to Anda for sharing her Dagile experience with us and wish the team all the success for the future. If you too want to find out more about The Arora Group, check outtheir website and social pages from the links below:

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