Management & Leadership

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This Unit will enhance your understanding of the difference between leadership and management as we compare and contrast the role of each. We will analyse the characteristics of different styles of leadership and evaluate the role of management in managing change.

At the end of this Unit you will be able to explain the characteristics of teamwork and give examples of teams that work effectively and less effectively. You will be able to explain the role of the team leader in facilitating effective teamwork, the purpose of delegation and how to do it effectively using examples.

This Level 3 Unit is a 3-credit unit, which requires you to commit to 23-hours of study.


Dagile free online training courses are only available to participants who:

  • Live and/or work in London
  • Are in employment or self-employment

Academic Requirements

The entry requirements for our Level 3 Units include, either:

  • 4 GCSE qualifications at grades A* - C or 9-4 or equivalent, or
  • A Level 2 vocational qualification and a Level 2 English qualification, or
  • 1-year work’s experience in a related subject area.

Who this course is for

This Level 3 Unit provides learners with further knowledge and insight into leadership and management. This Unit if for those looking to develop into a leadership role or refine their management skills within the digital economy.