Introduction to Cyber Security

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Our lives have become very much dependent on the internet, with a significant portion of our activities being performed online. As we continue to provide and generate data it has become important to secure our activities to prevent us from being vulnerable. This unit gives you the opportunity to learn about Cyber Security, the various threats and vulnerabilities and how to mitigate / prevent them from happening.

ThisLevel 1 Unit is a 3-credit unit, which requires you to commit to 27- hours of study.


Dagile free online training courses are only available to participants who:

  • Live and/or work in London
  • Are in employment or self-employment

Academic Requirements

There are no entry requirements for our Level 1 Units, however a good understanding of the English language and maths are essential.

Who this course is for

This Level 1 Unit offers a bite-sized certificate for those wishing to develop new job-related skills in Digital and IT Skills. This Unit relates to jobs in IT Security, Cyber Security, System Security, Network Security and Content Security.

You will learn:

  • The basic Cyber Security concepts.
  • Types of Cyber Security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • How to minimise the impact of Cyber Security attacks

Within this Unit you will have

  • Accessible materials for all learners
  • Access to flexible and self-paced learning through our online portal
  • Support within tutor led forums
  • Support networks with other learners