April 26, 2023

Matthew’s Dagile Experience 

Matthew’s Dagile Experience 

Hello everyone,

This week we interviewed Matthew Clark, Head of Client Services at Landscape. Landscape is a digitally agency which help organisations drive positive action in financial wellbeing, property marketing and branding.

Matthew recently completed the Level 3 Leadership and Management Unit to gain more insight into how best to manage staff in a relaxed agency environment.

We hope you enjoy the interview...

Hello Matthew, could you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hi everyone, I am the Head of Client Services at Landscape, a digitally focussed marketing agency specialising in financial wellbeing.


That's great. If you are already very successful, why did you feel the need to do more studying?

I manage a small team of two and wanted to learn more about how best to manage staff in a flat structure and a relaxed agency environment, putting in some degree of structure and uncovering the best ways of working with them and for them.


What made you chose Dagile as your training provider?

To be honest it was recommended by our company, but I found the online learning really easy, the platform fairly intuitive and the feedback from the tutor especially informative and far more detailed than I imagined would be the case for an online learning situation.


How did you find the course and it’s teaching?

The course was well chunked which made it easier to fit around a busy working schedule. I still had to dedicate time and be disciplined, but this was made easy by the fact that the learning was bite sized and staged.

The teaching was good, making use of lots of real life examples to contextualise the theory.


Did the training help you develop new ideas for your company?

The training helped me to understand what was normal and permissible in management, even in a small team within a flat structure. I knew I did not want to tie everyone in red tape, but it was good to know that some things that I had been doing intuitively were viewed as common place and even best practise.

The training formalised some things I already knew, as well as introducing other ways of managing, some of which I’ve been able to take on board, particularly a focus on improving and championing my staff’s own training and development.


Do you think the training will enhance your career prospects?

I’m not sure about that per say, being as I work within a small agency, but for me it was more about making sure I had the stripes to go along with the recently added responsibility of management. For the future, it’s now something that I can reference for any further management positions and will certainly stand me in good stead!


Do you have any final thoughts to share?

Good leadership and management is far more selfless than I had ever imagined. It became clear that great leaders share experiences, give their staff time and are interested in their people and their progression, rather than a self-satisfying corporate climb at the expense of others.


Thank you so much for your time Matthew.

We are grateful to Matthew for sharing his Dagile experience with us and wish him every success for the future in leading his team towards success.

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