April 28, 2022

Emma’s Journey

Emma’s Journey

Emma is Business Intelligence Analyst with London South Bank University. In this interview, Emma shares her account of our Level 3 Short Course in Business Planning. The interview covers what Emma does in her role at LSBU, what the appeal of the course was and what she learnt to apply to her future career.

Hi Emma, for our readers could you tell us who you are and what you do?

Hi Dagile. I am a Business Intelligence Analyst in the Strategy, Planning and Performance Team at LSBU. My role involves in-depth analysis and gathering insight of internal data and sector data to improve decision making. I provide important management information to staff across the institution. In addition to this, I provide data and support one-off projects such as Athena Swan, Race Equality and many league table submissions.

My team works to improving accuracy and optimising LSBU’s reputation through league table improvement projects and works on the Teaching Excellence Framework(TEF). We are also responsible for coordinating the annual planning process and the provision of performance management targets and data.

Wow, you sound very busy, and what an integral role. Could you tell our readers why you joined Dagile's Business Planning course?

Sure. I joined this course because I wanted to have a greater understanding, and work towards a greater role, in business planning at my institution. I have familiarity with many of the KPIs, but I wanted a better understanding of the processes involved in business planning, such as developing strategies based on business objectives, contingency planning and the importance of ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

The course covered all of these aspects in a really clear and logical way and gave the opportunity to apply the learning to real examples from my work.

Well that is lovely to hear, and brilliantly put. How did you find the course?

I really enjoyed the course and teaching. The course material was very interesting and easy to apply to my organisation. The instructor Thomas delivered the course well and gave lots of good examples to illustrate points. Assignments were marked really promptly and detailed feedback was given for every assignment.

To get personalise feedback must really heighten the learning experience, being able to apply this to your current firm rather then just discussing theory. So, did the training help you develop any new ideas, and have you had an opportunity to implement them?

This course made me more aware of the importance of monitoring and evaluating business plans. I also realised how useful business plans were for a whole range of areas such as communicating with employees and stakeholders, gaining investment, reassessing goals and developing contingency planning.

I haven’t yet had a chance to implement what I have learned as I have only just completed the course, but this will be my next goal. Additionally, I am glad I completed the course and feel more confident in applying for more senior positions and taking on greater responsibilities.

We are sure those opportunities will arise over the coming months and year.

Finally, can we ask what made you choose Dagile as your training provider in the first place?

I saw Dagile advertised online. I was really interested as they were very specifically aimed at up-skilling Londoners and building career prospects. They offered free accreditations up to Level 3, and teaching was offered completely remotely so I could fit studies around working full-time and any disruption caused by the pandemic.

The aims of the programme were to increase labour market participation, promote social inclusion and develop the skills of potential and existing workforces. I thought these were really relevant to my situation and I wanted to be a part of the programme.

Thank you so much for your time Emma and for sharing your experience.

We wish you all the best in your future career and look forward to staying in contact

The Dagile team.

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