May 12, 2022

Tom's Journey

Tom's Journey
Tom Lees is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at the Old Diorama Arts Centre in London. Tom joined our Level 2 Digital Marketing Award in January 2022, which he selected from our Digital Marketing pathway.

To celebrate Learning at Work Week
, 16 - 22 May 2022, we interviewed Tom to hear how he has been utilising the Dagile course to develop new idea for the Old Diorama Arts Centre in Triton Square, London NW1, and to find out how his company is supporting his professional development by allowing study time to complete the course during his working week.

Hi Tom, can you tell our readers who you are and what your job entail?

Hi everyone, I’m Tom Lees, the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Old Diorama Arts Centre. We support London’s creative ecology and communities and we are based in the heart of Camden. My job entails communicating the charitable and community based work the organisation does, as well as promoting the centre as a premium arts studio venue for West End shows and for the use of film and tv companies to hire as a space or location.

What made you join the Level 2 Digital Marketing Award course?

I joined the course to gain a deeper and more rigorous understanding of Marketing, and more specifically Digital Marketing. This was to help me in my role at the Centre. I saw this as an opportunity to give me more practical experience and gain greater insight into the theoretical underpinning of Digital Marketing.

What made you choose Dagile as a training provider?

There were a number of reasons I choose Dagile:

  • The course is flexible. I set out to do half a day a week studying the course materials and developing the assignments, but due to the demands of my job that has not always possible. Having a course with some flexibility on when I do the work and the assessments has been really useful.
  • Dagile was recommended to me by a colleague who had done another course and had a very positive experience.
  • The components within the Digital Marketing course seemed ideal for what I wanted to study, and roughly at the right academic depth/level.
  • The course is free! This was clearly a consideration as well!

.How have you been finding the course and teaching?

I find the teaching to be very good, and I find the feedback on the work I’ve done to be absolutely brilliant. I was pretty stunned by the thought and care that went into the feedback on the work I’ve done, as well as the speed in which it has been returned.

Has the training helped you develop new ideas for your company, and have you been given the opportunity to implement them?

Certainly it has, particularly given some of the tutor feedback. It has also given me a different way of looking at some of our existing methods and practices, and occasionally some confidence about ideas that were just beginning to develop.

How is your company supporting you with your studies?

As I mentioned, the centre allows me half a day a week to work on my course as they see merit in my professional development which in turn supports the organisations growth. They not only allow me time to do the course in working hours, but they take an interest in the work I do and the feedback I get.

Thank you for sharing your experience with our readers Tom, and we encourage readers to look at the Old Diorama Arts Centre website and social media: 

Old Diorama Arts Centre website
@olddiorama on Instagram
@olddiorama on Twitter
Space to Create: Meet the 'Diorama' arts organisations at Regent's Place -  Giving Insights session 10<br/> — Camden Giving
Old Diorama Arts Centre in Triton Square, London, NW1

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