May 11, 2022

Yan's Story

Yan's Story
Yan, Founder & CEO of opervisor joined our Level 3 - Business Planning course in January 2022, which he selected from our Leadership & Management pathway. To celebrate Learning at Work Week, 16 - 22 May 2022, we interviewed Yan to hear how he has been utilising the Dagile course to further his business model and plan for a changes in the marketplace.

Can yo tell our readers who are you and what does your business does?

Hi, I am Yan and I am the Founder of operviser, a company helping SMEs to start, manage and grow their business in the UK by offering a full range of services provided by a strong network of experts. We offer all the corporate services SMEs need in one place, so you can access a lawyer, a marketing agency, an accountant or a business development agency all provided by just one partner: operviser. By looking after all business areas, we can provide businesses with concrete solutions to boost their performance.

What made you join the Business Planning course?

I joined this course because I was looking for an interactive way of learning new skills that would help me in my current role. I was attracted to the Business Planning course as I knew it would give me the right tools to not only start my business but also question my business model throughout the life of my business. These new skills could also be applied to my clients. Business owners tend to focus a lot more on business planning at the start of their business and less through the life of their business. They often underestimate the power of challenging business models to cope with market changes.

What made you choose Dagile as a training provider?

First of all, I was looking for a flexible way of learning as I knew that I could not attend face-face classes on a regular basis. Then, I was looking for a training provider that was technology-oriented as I find it particularly interesting to learn with innovative tools. Finally, I had a look at the content of the course and found it tightly aligned with my business goals.

How have you found the course and teaching?

Not only the content is interesting, but it helps me to better reflect on my business journey. The course is made of a nice mix of theory and practical case studies. I really appreciate the availability of the teacher to answer questions and his passion for the topic. I am also particularly grateful for having the opportunity to share my business idea and get some valuable experts‘ feedback through events organised by the teacher outside of the study time.

Has the training helped you develop new ideas for your company?

The course has helped me to better reflect on the following topics:

- The SWOT analysis allowed me to better understand my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned to capitalise more on my strengths and surround myself with people who could take over the areas where I have knowledge gaps.

- I understood that my target customers should be placed at the heart of each decision. This had a strong impact when I had to think about my services’ segmentation and implement my communication and marketing strategy.

- The course had also a strong impact on my risk management skills as it showed me that risks should be addressed as soon as possible.

- Finally, the course has helped me reflect on the resources I need to build a successful business.

How are your studies supporting you with your company?

I saw myself reflecting more critically on my business. This allowed me to implement quicker and stronger actions to cope with my business challenges. The course has also opened me to think more critically and methodologically about my clients’ businesses. I see myself adding more value to my consultancy as my clients recognise that I am genuinely caring for their business’ success.

Thank you for sharing your experience with our readers Yan.

Please watch the operviser brand video to see what services they offer.

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